It’s here!

This is the first entry in the blog,  the first week of January, 2007. 
New Year’s Day was rather uneventful.  We did accomplish some small things, such as taking down the Christmas tree and decorations.  We usually leave something out that doesn’t get put away for months, but I was fairly diligent in my search for all Xmas items.  Stacey took down all the cards and salvaged the fronts.
Boots barfed up a hairball on one of Stacey’s “A” papers from her graduate class.  I said, “Everyone’s an editor.” 
Stacey and I just discovered  I’d heard a lot about it, but never bothered to look into it.  I was probably on it for three hours at one sitting.  There’s a video for everything you can think of, and many that you never would.  I was most of the time watching videos, concert footage, or interviews of my favorite rock bands.  There’s stuff on there that you can’t buy or even see anywhere else.  Some is crappy, but some is incredible.  No wonder it was just sold to Google for a bazillion dollars.