January 27

Wednesday I was having my class make study skins from dead birds.  I’m sure Stacey was happy to get them out of the freezer at home.  Meanwhile, I was skinning heads for our skull collection.  First was a jackrabbit we picked up in Texas last summer.  It’s odor was impressive.  Sadly, I had most of the skin off when I found that both the upper and lower jaws were broken, making it unsuitable.  That’s the chance you take with roadkills.  I tossed it in the dumpster.  Next up was a skunk head from almost a year ago.  Skunk musk + slightly rotting meat = major stink!  The students were really bothered.  I got the skin off as fast as I could, cleaned up, and sprayed the room with Lysol.  Whew!

Savannah had a homecoming dance Friday night.  She turned down all boys who asked to take her.  Can you say, “fiercely independent?”

All dressed up.

Saturday we picked up the Lil Egg car from the tire shop, finally.  We ran some errands and did some shopping.  Naps were obligatory for the afternoon.  I went down to the river to photograph eagles.  I didn’t really get what I wanted, but here’s a decent one, anyway.

Looking back at the river.

Sunday was firewood and photography day.  I brought back two pick-up loads of wood from the brush dump.  It was already mostly cut and limbed out, but it still took a couple of hours to finish cutting and splitting it.  It was in the teens, which was better than the two degrees we had when I got up.  I still broke a sweat with the splitting.  I was using my ice-fishing sled to move the split wood to the rack.  When I was done I rode it down the hill in the back yard.  I bailed out before I hit the trees.  I played with the dogs awhile.  I was in coveralls, and wouldn’t smell any worse, I guess.  I spent a couple of hours down by the river photographing eagles.  I’ve been trying to get more action shots, but it’s hard.

Catch fish.

Shred fish.

Eat fish.  Yum.

Monday morning I had to take Savannah to the orthodontist.  And back.  And then go back to Quincy to work.  Then I had to go supervise a student teacher.   She was teaching the digestive system.  They had hamburger in a plastic bag and added enzymes.  She nearly said, “Before you play with your meat…” but caught herself just in time. 

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