March 8

Thursday morning I went out to Lowell’s to meet with him and the state forester.  On the way, I spotted these turkeys.  The light was all wrong, but they still look kinda cool in front of the foggy forest.  There’s a big gobbler on the lower right.

First we cruised the timber and got an idea of what was out there.  Lowell and I were both surprised that even the most open timber was actually overcrowded.  I know I had to recalibrate my eyes.  After that he went around with a squirt bottle and sprayed each tree that needed to be cut down.  There’s a lot of potential firewood out there now.  We all lunched at the diner in Ewing, and went back for a lesson in tree felling.  He showed us his technique, which I had never seen before, but it sure worked well. 

On the way home I saw this hawk.  I’ve seen whitish red-tailed hawks before, but this one is downright pale.

It was a day of great tragedy for Savannah, as her boyfriend broke up with her.  What kind of idiot breaks up right before she gets her braces off? 

Friday it rained so I didn’t go out and cut wood as I wanted.  I stayed home and worked on a couple of upcoming presentations. 

Saturday Stacey did homework, while Savannah went to her first lifeguard training class.  It included a 300-yard swim, and she hasn’t been in the pool since last August.  That wasn’t as much a problem, apparently, as bringing up the 10-lb weight from the bottom of the pool.  I replaced a light fixture in the kitchen.  I had hit it with my head and it stopped working.  Turns out a circuit breaker had kicked off.  Can you believe Stacey figured that out?  We wanted to change that fixture anyway–odd-sized bulbs, and didn’t cast any light on the table.

On Monday a girl passed out in Savannah’s class, and she “totally went into lifeguard mode,” stepping in to support her head, keep her airway open, etc.  Wednesday the same girl fainted again.  Savannah was doing the assist carry to the nurse’s office until the girl totally went limp, then she used the back carry (which she had practiced on me).  Not many people get immediate, real practice of their first aid skills.   

Tuesday Stacey had girls’ night out.  I got a start on shaving Darby.  Her age is beginning to show once you get all that hair off.  She has lost a lot of muscle mass, so her body resembles a big sausage.  She’s not too overweight, but her tumors are getting a bit large.  Otherwise, she remains healthy and cheerful.  Savannah’s new boyfriend came over and we watched a movie.  The new one is also, coincidentally, named Dustin.  Guess the old one is “Dustin the wind.” 

Wednesday I took my field class to a local park.  It was an unusually hot day.  We saw a few new species (Brown Creeper, Snow Goose), and I photographed some. 

Sweet Susie

We stopped at the Dairy Queen for ice cream afterward.  All field sites should be furnished with a nearby Dairy Queen.  I had a few minutes to spare, so I stopped at the fitness center to watch our chemistry professor take on a student in a racquetball match.  The student is an extremely athletic varsity basketball player; all my money was on him.  But the prof had much more experience, and smoked the student 15-0, 15-2 before I had to leave for a meeting. 

The gallery: Anna Harbin, Laura Hubbard, Angie Hermesmeyer, Jayme Fluchel, Emily Hermesmeyer

I had dinner at Lori Lori’s, with Vince and, uh, the other Lori.  Lori Lori had some flowers and I had my camera so…

Snap dragons


We all went to book club at the Jade Orchid.  We finished up the book and had more laughs than I’ve ever heard at this gathering. 

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