June 5

Tuesday morning I took advantage of the cool weather and went back to Nancy’s to cut down a couple more trees.  Later I took Savannah back to the oral surgeon to have her stitches taken out.  Last week the place was empty, but this time there weren’t enough chairs in the waiting room.  We had lunch with Stacey, and picked up our pictures from the contest.  I had to send my camera in for repair, so I making do with our old 2 Mb Fuji.  There were some pleasant surprises waiting on the memory card, as Savannah had taken some lovely shots of Kelly Cat back in May of 2006.  No one’s used the camera since then.

It’s a terrible admission, but I miss that stupid cat a lot. 

Savannah’s self-portrait.  She still has a bit of swelling in the cheeks, but doesn’t look like a blowfish anymore.

Wednesday morning I planted some things I had bought on sale Tuesday.  Then I dropped off the Echo at the mechanic.  He fixed the check engine light, but the A/C problem might require 3 hours to get at the potentially bad sensor.  I’ll wait on that.  I took a small load of brush to the dump, brought back a large load of wood, and cut it up.  All my racks at home are nearly full now.  A couple of the logs were about 2 feet in diameter.  They’ll have to dry a long time before I attempt to split them.

I’ve been working on a web page for our Buddhist group.  I obtained the domain name and put it up.  It’s fairly basic.  I welcome suggestions for improvement.


My camera is in for repairs, but I can draw on my bank of images for your entertainment.  Here are some flowers from Lowell’s.

Venus’ Looking Glass and Milkwort.

Rough-Fruited Cinquefoil

A mushroom in my front yard.

Thursday I worked on the dune buggy in the morning.  It ran the same as it did last year: no high end.  I tried changing the timing a few degrees one way or the other, but it didn’t help.  I posted a question on the online forum (Buggytalk).  The next candidates are vacuum advance failure and fuel pump insufficiency.  It was hot and windy.  We were supposed to get severe thunderstorms, and were under a tornado watch for much of the day.  We got out the weather radio, but all it did was keep us awake with warnings for other counties. 

Friday I went to the office.  I pinned out all the cicadas that I had collected last week, but which died in the interim.  One was a Magicicada septendecula, a rare surprise.  I printed out nice new labels for all of them, and spread the wings on three.  I put them in the drying oven to make sure they didn’t rot.  I went to main campus to register students.  I got a free lunch out of the deal.  I also got two into the Galapagos class and one into my FYE section.  Afterward I went back to my office to give an exam.  This kid had had to take an incomplete because the Sunday before finals week he caught a softball with his face. 

Here’s a fun experiment: the same perspective in different seasons.

Savannah’s prize-winning landscape from last December.  My view from the same spot in mid-May.  

Naturally sprinkled flower.

Bird spooked by car.

Saturday morning Stacey and I went to the Farmers Market and plant sale in Quincy.  They didn’t have any plants I wanted, but we bought a watermelon and some vegetables.  We saw a lot of people we knew.  We went yard saling for several hours after that, picking up lots of bargains.  At one sale I bought a tripod.  I knew from the brand name (Manfrotto) it was a good deal at $10.  When I got home I looked up the components in a catalog.  They added up to over $200.  That’s the best bargain I’ve gotten in a long time.  I also got a lighting rig for $3, and fixed its stand when I got home.  Too bad I have no camera to go with them right now.  Stacey got lots of books and some clothes for Savannah.  We ran into Steve and Wanaree at a garage sale–fellow bargain hunters.  Stacey went to have lunch with some friends, and dropped me off at the Soap Box Derby race.  It’s held on the bridge right in front of North Campus where I work.  They close off the street; it makes a perfect spot for it.   The cars were very impressive.  Many have professional paint jobs.  I had to endure a half-hour break while they hauled all the cars back to the top of the hill on big trailers.  But in the first race after that, a kid wiped out in the hay bales.  Uninjured, but embarrassed to tears he was.   Chaddock, Stacey’s workplace, sponsored two kids.  As luck would have it, I caught one in the best photo I got that day (with the little camera). 

Looks like a winner!

I learned that the memory card in this camera will only hold 8 shots at the highest quality, so I was out of business pretty quickly.  They had an old car from 1955 there, which was kind of neat. 

The interior was composed of used boards.  I’ll bet none of the current ones do.

Sunday I went out to Lowell’s.  The clouds looked rather forbidding, but we started in with some logging right away.  All we wanted to do was drag out the trees we had cut down already, but we had to cut down a few more just to get at those.   We only had a few more to got when it began to rain.  Hard.  We decided to run for it.  We took the tractor and the Pug back to the shed.  It was deafening inside, as the rain pelted the steel roof.  We couldn’t even run from there to the house without another drenching.  We waited it out.  At one point, lightning struck nearby and the lights in the shed came on for a second.  Scary.  When it let up a little, we went in the house for a while.  Naps soon overtook us.  By the time I was awakened by a tick crawling up my arm, the rain had stopped.  We went down to the lake and fished.  We saw a hen wood duck cross the lake in front of us, followed by five small ducklings.  They must have hatched out of one of the wood duck boxes Lowell had put up many years ago.   We saw a big swirl by the bank, and I began to cast in the area.  Farther down the shore something took a swipe at my spinnerbait, so I left it in the water next to the boat a second longer.  A big catfish hit it.  I only had about 8 inches of line out.  I eased up on my drag and fought it a short time before Lowell netted it.  The slippery devil was trouble to handle, and I knocked Lowell’s rod into the lake.  Good thing for the floating handle.  I put him back into the water.  I didn’t catch any bass before we went to lunch in Ewing.  Afterward we drove around in the Pug and did some minor logging jobs.

Bewhiskered booger.

In the afternoon, Stacey, Savannah and I went to an anniversary party.  I talked to a lot of people I hadn’t seen for awhile. 

Monday I went into the office to meet with a student.  It was interesting because I had seen this student play basketball, but never talked to her.   She turned out to be very sweet.  I talked to my division chair for awhile, went to main campus, then dropped off the recycling.  I met Stacey for lunch before heading home.  I got a book review submitted, but otherwise accomplished very little for the rest of the day. 

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