August 6

The tenants moved out of our rental house.  On the one hand, that’s good because they were the worst tenants ever.  On the other, we then had a lot of work to do.  The place was trashed and filthy.  I had to completely repaint two bedrooms.  The rest of the place needed a lot of touching up and patching plaster.  So I’ve spent the last week mostly working on the place, with little time for the usual interesting adventures I usually report here.  While I was photographically documenting the damages (a trick I learned from my brother Mark), I saw this jumping spider.

Savannah helped out one morning, cleaning the kitchen cabinets.  When her friend Audra came over to visit, they both cleaned the bathroom, with much ewwwing, auugghhing, and retching sounds.  Stacey helped clean the hardwood floors.  Mr. Clean Erasers are great for black scuff marks. 

Saturday and Sunday were Swim Championships.  I was a volunteer timer both days.  Saturday was miserably hot and humid.  Still, two things made my day.  A guy told me that the raptor perches had been put up on the Canton riverfront.  I had written the proposal for that over 9 months ago, but we had been hung up on som permissions the last I heard.  The second was that I saw the snout butterfly for the first time ever.  Too bad I had no camera.  Savannah took first in the freestyle relay with three other girls on her team.  Her best individual event was 6th in breast stroke.  I think she took 10th in backstroke and freestyle.  The most interesting part was the mixed medley relay, in which she was matched in breast stroke against Corey Moon, the fastest overall swimmer at the meet.    The results were predictable.  We handed Savannah over to Audra’s mom so she could spend the week with Audra at their house in Macomb.  These little hover flies were hanging around the swimming pool, licking the sweat from people’s arms.  They kept calling them sweat bees.  I tried to educate them in insect taxonomy without being obnoxious.  I think they’re pretty.  Reminds me of an old joke.  Guy in a restaurant says, “Hey, waiter.  What’s this fly doing in my soup?”  Waiter replies…

…”The backstroke?”

Guess who.

It rained a half-inch this morning, to much rejoicing.  We have endured a long drought.  Today we worked on the rental house again.  It’s almost done, thankfully.  I went down and rescued some logs from the brush dump.  Here’s one of the eagle perches.

Next November I expect to see eagles sitting on this thing, tearing apart fish. 

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