Sept. 8

Well, not much happened during the week.  Friday we had a meeting of the group going to the Galapagos.  The students are going to attempt some fundraisers.  On the way home I stopped in LaGrange to look for butterflies again.  There weren’t many about, but I did see one that I seldom encounter.

Checkered White.  Rare, but unspectacular.

Saturday morning was yard work time.  I started by splitting some wood, and rapidly got tired of that.  I mowed the lawn, did the string trimming, and pruned some bushes.  I got the camera out and shot some targets of opportunity. 

Another rare visitor: a red-breasted nuthatch.

Pop quiz!  See if you can be the first to tell me what this is.  Stacey and Savannah are disqualified.

Flower in the front yard.  Calladium in the back yard.

Very personal with a silver-spotted skipper.  Same with a milkweed bug.

Sunday I went out to Lowell’s.  We fished three rounds of the lake.  The cooler weather seems to have turned the fish back on.  I caught six bass.  Lowell didn’t catch as many, but he won in the species diversity category, catching bass, bluegill and crappie. 

A couple of green herons have been hanging around the lake.  Gerardia is in bloom.

The Eastern Amberwing is very common at Lake Lowell.  The Common Whitetail is so common, it’s in the name.  Thanks to a long-term loan of Dragonflies Through Binoculars, an excellent field guide, I’ve identified my entire backlog of unidentified dragonlfly photos.  Thanks, Vince!

Lowell’s trap nests have been attracting carpenter wasps for years; they’re the ones with the mud closures.  This is the first time we’ve ever seen Isodontia, which closes its nests with bits of straw.

Savannah and I went to the QU soccer game in the afternoon.  It was a good one, as there were a couple of lead changes and red cards.  I took the camera as an experiment.  It’s really hard to get good results.

I think our guy, #9, missed the header, but he sure didn’t miss the elbow.

I must be running out of ways to scare Savannah, but I can offer two vignettes of meanness.  1.  Savannah was having some chips and salsa.  I told her there was some habanero stuff in the refrigerator.  She had some of it and really suffered from the burning sensations.  A couple of days later Stacey let slip that there was a bottle of our usual Pace medium in the pantry.  My claims that I was unaware of its existence fell on deaf ears.   2.  One night I was going upstairs to get some ice cream.  Savannah said she just wanted a little.  So I put one spoonful in a small salsa bowl for her, while loading a gob into my standard bowl.  I brought these downstairs and presented her serving.  Eventually, I gave her some out of my bowl, which had been my original intention. 

Monday morning a monarch chrysalis hatched out in my lab.  I had the ecology class tag and release it.  Otherwise the day was fairly uneventful.
Here’s an Ammophila that Nancy gave me.  I released it after this pic was taken.

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