October 2

Monday evening I took Boots to the vet for vaccinations and a tapeworm pill.  That night we let him out as usual.  Within an hour he was back with a freshly killed mouse.  No wonder he gets tapeworms!

I read in Newsweek about Googlegangers: people with your same name that turn up on Google before you do.  So naturally I tried my own name.  The results were interesting.

1.  Coach and founder of the royal basketball academy.  Eugene, Oregon.  royalbasketballacademy.com

2.  Professional photographer, San Antonio, TX.  www.photosbycoelho.com.  This guy has tons of great pictures of scantily clad models, and here I am taking photos of bugs.  I’m in the wrong business!

3.  Co-ordinator, Special Programs Branch, Ministry of Education, British Columbia, Canada.

4 & 5.  Writer and performance poet, London, United Kingdom.  Has a MySpace page, a blog, and is probably the bastard that bought the joecoelho.com domain name two days before I was going to.

6.  Me.  Refers to my book on eBookmall.com, with outdated information on my place of employment!

7.  Me at eBookMall again.

8.  Me, the Cicada Killer Control page.  Now I know what people value.

9.  Basketball Joe again.

10.  A reference to my article in Natural History.  

The subsequent google entries are interesting, but probably only to me.  Lessons: I may not be the most important nor most interesting Joe Coelho in the world.  The leading information set on me is not the most relevant, nor is it even correct.  At least I have 4 out of the top 10 entries, more than any other Joe C.  ShowMeJoe.com is 44th.  Dang.

 Later I tried to get #6 changed or deleted.  They removed it.

Stacey was gone to some training in Kansas City for much of the week.  It was rather stressful, as her hotel was in a bad part of town.  There was a sexual assault just down the street one night she was there.  And navigating the rat’s maze of streets and highways in KC is challenging under the best of circumstances.  We were glad to have her back on Wednesday night.  She got Friday off because she was taking a group of 30 people on the Spoon River Drive on Saturday.  Her bus driver cancelled at 8 A.M.  Ever resourceful, she got some vans and substitute drivers and completed the trip.  She had lunch with people from her first church in Ipava, IL, which was fun.

Thursday night the kitchen drain jammed up again.  I got to work on it Friday morning.  Plunging was to no avail, so I used our new drain king.  It didnt work too well.  At first I couldnt get it to inflate.  When it finally did, nothing happened for a long time.  So I pulled it out and all the water that it had force in there came shooting right back out.  Under pressure.  In my face.  So we cleaned up another big watery mess and called the plumber.  Of course, he’s busy all day Friday and can’t get to us until Monday.  We go the whole weekend without full kitchen functionality.  Savannah and I did a round of dishes in the bathtub.  That was rather uncomfortable, so the next batch we did in the kitchen sink with a bucket under the drain.  I don’t have the guts to try running the dishwasher that way.

Friday morning Stacey took Savannah in for an ortho appt., then for a haircut.  They went to pick up Stacey’s pills at the drug store, but Stacey’s insurance had still not come through.  Later, when I went into work for some meetings, I went armed with all the necessary insurance numbers and stopped at the drug store again.  None of the numbers was any good, but the technician called up and got the right ones.   And the insurance didn’t cover those particular pills!  I wasn’t going to pay $140 for the full bottle, so I bought 4 pills for $24 to get us through until this is straightened out.  You gotta love our healthcare system (or lack thereof) in this country.  When I got out of my meeting I stopped by a butterfly bush next to our main building on campus and, sure enough, there was a monarch on it.  The wind was blowing strongly, and I thought it wouldn’t notice my approach, so I barehanded it, took it back to my car and tagged it.  A couple of my colleagues came by and I showed them.

I had put my cage full of monarch chrysalides out in the garage to get warmer, and it worked.  Saturday morning I had one hatch out.  Naturally, I tagged it, photographed it to death, and put it out on the New England Aster in my prairie.  I changed the oil and rotated the tires on the Echo while Savannah was at the Culver Homecoming parade with her friends.  All the eating places in town were packed afterward, but they managed to get a table at pizza hut.  After having our drink orders taken three times and no drinks appearing for a long time, we walked out.  I don’t do that very often.  We went to County Market and got delicious chicken strips without having to wait in line. 

Male on the left, female on the right.

Macro shot of the front end.  I think the spots provide disruptive colloration, making it hard to identify the head and eyes.  A tagged one for those who have been asking how it’s done.

I would normally have gone hunting Sunday morning, but I knew I would have some monarchs hatching.  First thing in the morning I asked Stacey how many she thought had hatched.  She answered three, and was correct.  I tagged, photographed and put them out on the New England Aster again.  I went on a nice bike ride on my usual route.  It must have been snake dispersal day, as I saw three flattened on the road, and one live one.  There wasn’t much else active, but I got a few nice shots.

Large garter snake.

Tiny damselfly in the back yard.

I don’t do many landscapes, but this overgrown barn is kinda cool.

I think this is the shaggymanes mushroom.  I’d never seen them before.  They’re large and impressive.

The plumber came and fixed our kitchen drain today.  I never thought I’d be so happy to load the dish washer.  Savannah has been going to cheerleading practice three times a week.  Her practices are so intense that she had muscle soreness all weekend.  I kept giving her knees in the butt to see if it had gone away yet.  She got her uniform today.

Go, Tigers!

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