November 13

This is one of Savannah’s rules for her boyfriend:  You can only be friends with ugly girls. 

Tuesday we did a noise pollution lab in Environmental Science.  One of my students, a member of the women’s basketball team, can scream at 121 Db (at 50 cm from the sensor).  That’s at the threshold of pain.  I could only make 115 Db with my best karate yell.

A student is keeping his tarantula in my office.  I don’t mind.  I gave the baby snake to another student, Cameron, who has appeared in this space several times.  You should have seen the huge smile on his face.  I promised him one probably two years ago.

Wednesday morning I taped an introduction for a NOVA episode that will air on our local PBS station, next Tuesday, I think.   It’s called Master of the Killer Ants.  This was much more fun than the last one, The Dimming Sun.  It was taped in HD, but will air in standard, fortunately.  Wouldn’t want all my gray hair and facial imperfections to be too obvious!  I had book club Wednesday night.  It was a good one.

Here’s a link to the show:

Thursday afternoon we had an electronics recycling program on campus.  I had some students help me load my car and a student car with old computers and stuff.  Then we had to wait in line for an hour and a half.  I wanted to take a couple more car loads, but it would have taken forever. 

Friday I went in to work just for a meeting, which I mostly had to run.  It went OK.  That night we took Savannah and her friend over to their cheerleading coach’s house, where all 15 of them were going to spend the night.  I think the coach is nuts, but it’s her choice.

Saturday Stacey had to go to class.  I stayed home, ran errands and worked on stuff.  I went down to the riverfront and saw the first eagles of the year (November 17 to be official).  They were on the other side of the river, so the image is a bit small.  I waited awhile to see if they would fly, and took photos of seagulls to practice my BIF technique.


Tiny eagles on the left, lone seagull on the right.

In the afternoon I cleaned the leaves out of the gutters, and prepared the outdoor furnace for the burning season.  In the evening I went to “Tiger Madness”, the kickoff to the High School basketball season.  They had some instrasquad scrimmages among the teams.  The dance team did their thing, and later the cheerleading team did several cheers.  The lighting makes photography a challenge.  Next time I’ll take my big flash.

Savannah is in the center on the second tier.                                 Scan of class picture.

Sunday I stayed home, read the paper, rode the exercise bike, got logs from the brush dump, and worked on a variety of little projects around the house.

Most of my FYE students didn’t want to keep their cockroaches.  They still taste good to Yoda.

Monday night I had the Galapagos class again.  It was fun stuff, but that’s why this blog did not go out on time.  Tuesday I showed my FYE class the images of their roaches be eaten, as above.  They were a bit dismayed.  The ones that won awards were very happy.  The best roach poem was printed with a nice border and framed.  The trainer of the winner of the cockroach race got a framed photo of his beast.  It was the last class, so I’ll have slightly less work for the rest of the semester.  Now I’m on Thanksgiving Break.  I finally fired up the woodburning furnace tonight.  It’s supposed to be below 50 F for the foreseeable future.  It gives me a perverse pleasure to burn some of those big logs I cut up last summer.

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