Galapagos Wildlife Photos

I took about 1500 photos in the Galapagos and mainland Ecuador.  I haven’t downloaded my journal from my PDA yet, so I’m going to post the wildlife photos first.  These are more or less in reverse chronological order.

A butterfly and caterpillar in Mindo (mainland Ecuador).

The booted racquet-tail near Mindo  (mainland Ecuador).

A millipede and Mygona irmina in Mindo Cloud Forest  (mainland Ecuador).

Rufous-collared sparrow in parking lot, Quito (capital of Ecuador).

All images below were taken in the Galapagos, mostly on Santa Cruz Island.

Galapagos grasshopper and blue.

Darwin’s finches; male and female Geospiza magnirostris, I think.

Brown pelican about to take off, grooming.

Black-necked stilt; smooth-billed ani.

Four marine iguanas face on; looks like a pile of rocks but there are 20 or 30 iguanas here.

Sun-bathing male marine iguanas; L: Santa Cruz Island, R: Floreana.

White-tipped shark, mating green sea turtles.

Lava heron, great blue heron.

Sea lions enjoy the good life–plenty of food and cozy places to rest.

Blue-footed booby, greater flamingo.

Sally lightfoot crab, Galapagos flycatcher

Mockingbird, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos.

Giant Galapagos tortoise: baby at the Darwin Research Center and large adult on farm.

Lava lizard female (L) and male.

More pictures and text to follow soon!

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