January 10

When I got back from Ecuador, I was still feeling a bit sick.  It took a few days to recover.  Since then I’ve been working on my courses for the spring, writing my blog, and processing my pictures.  I went to a high school basketball game one night, and sat with Lowell on the opposing team’s side.  Predictably, our girls won and our boys lost.  While I was gone, Savannah was practicing Guitar Hero.  She’s now quite a bit better than me.  The question is whether she’s truly more talented, or just higher on the learning curve.  I’ve been catching up since I’ve been home and she’s been at school.

I joined Facebook because it is the means by which my students exchange photographs.  It really does have a very nice upload feature, the best I’ve seen.  In any case, I have posted quite a few images there, more than I was able to put on the blog.  So if you’re a member already, all you have to do is add me as a friend and you’ll be able to see them.

I did get down to the river one day and photograph some eagles.

Left: Solo eagle.  Right: These two seem to be having a conversation: “What do you think?”  “I think we should eat him, what do you think?”

Saturday I took the furnace ashes down to the brush dump, and ended up bringing back two pick-up loads of logs.  Cutting, moving, and stacking the firewood was the best work-out I’d had in a week at least.  Sunday I recovered, and in the afternoon, Stacey and I went to Quincy to run errands.  Monday (today) I went to work.  I had no classes, but needed to prepare.  I had no internet all morning, which maybe was a good thing.  I got my filing done, my desk cleaned off, my old courses put away and my new ones brought out. 

I’ve posted most of my video clips from the Galapagos on YouTube, which makes it easy for everyone to see them.  Go here for a look:


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