March 5

I didn’t have many photos last week, so I’ll compensate by starting off with a couple right away this week.

Tufted titmouse at the feeder.  

Tuesday on the way to work I saw this juvenile red-tailed hawk.

In the afternoon I took my class out to Lowell’s.  We put up the six bluebird houses.  It was cold, but after the walk, we were all warmed up. 

Brent, Katie, Emily, Katie, Stephanie

Wednesday I gave my plant class a quiz.  Not too tough, I don’t think.  I received in the mail a borescope that I had ordered.  It’s basically a 3-foot fiber optic cable.  We’re going to use it to check the nest boxes out at Lowell’s to see what, if anything, is nesting there later in the spring.  I got some step-down rings so it can be connected to a camera.  We experimented with it at home.

Savannah’s mouth.  Looks somewhat artsy.                            Savannah’s uvula.  Looks rather yucky!

At 100% magnification you can see the individual optical fibers.  Looks like a honeycomb.

Stacey writes a lot of letters to our soldiers overseas.  They don’t write back often, but she did receive a postcard on Thursday, and I read it at the table.  The last sentence is, “Good luck w/ the Grand baby!”  I turned to Savannah and said, “Is there something you should be telling me?” 

On the way in Friday morning I stopped at the marina on Quinsippi Island, where a thousand ring-billed gulls were feasting on dead shad that were thawing out of the ice.  It’s funny; even though there is more food than they all can eat, they still fight over it.  I love their agonistic behaviors.

The scale of the problem.                                                   Digging in.


Mine, I told you!                                                                The one in the back is displaying, briefly pointing the beak to the sky.

Note the wide margin of space around the eagle.  That’s respect.

Saturday it was really cold.  9 degrees when I got up.  It was 71 a week ago.  I worked on the dune buggy, and various other odd jobs.  I went down to the river.  A huge flock of snow geese was milling about.  They eventually landed in a field on the Illinois side.  Some eagles are still hanging about too.

This is just a portion of the flock.

Head-scratching feels good.

On Sunday I did a lot of odd jobs around the house.  I fixed the bathroom cabinet, which had been losing tiles for years.  I mounted a couple of prints and painted two frames.  In the afternoon I knocked a few more dents out of the Tracker.  The crunchy spots are still wrinkled because I’m not that good at it. 

Stacey has been losing weight via Weightwatchers.  They told her I would start treating her differently as she shed the pounds.  I said, “What, I’ll be able to carry you again?”  Miraculously, I survived. 

Monday on the way to work I noticed that there was a picnic table lodged on a wing dam on the Mississippi River.  I died laughing.  I’ll try to photograph it in the coming days, but it may be tricky, as it involves stopping on the bridge–generally ill advised.  In the evening I went down to the fire department to photograph all the people in the department.  They were down there for training.  They cut down half a tree, and we loaded it into the back of my truck.  More firewood for next year. 

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