Fall Creek

This is a special edition of Joe’s Blog.

I took three different classes to Fall Creek, a lovely natural area south of Quincy.  It has a great diversity of spring woodland wildflowers.

Phlox, a common wildflower.  Columbine about to bloom.

The old stone bridge that the pioneers used to cross the steep-walled creek.  Liverworts under the bridge.

False rue anemone was abundant, as was bellwort.

Waterfall under the bridge.    View from scenic overlook.
Jack-in-the-Pulpit                                                         First white trillium I’ve seen

An upstream waterfall that I’m sure kids try to use for a slide.   Plant field biology: Brian, Laura, Johanna, Liz, Emily, Brent.
Wild ginger                                                                                              Solomon’s seal

The common trillium or wake robin.                                                          Dutchmen’s breeches.

Ticks attacked us on our hike up the hill.                                                     My lab section of Bio II: Alex L, Jenn Z, Dante G, Sandy A (hidden), Torie B, Meghan R, Jessica V, Callie D, Jack W, Abe D, Anele N, Becca A, Austin G, Emily B, Allen M, John T, Kelsey J, Brittany F.

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