September 30–Stream team

Tuesday afternoon I took the Ecology class out to do Stream Team.  We had delayed one week due to high water.  Not only was the water down to reasonable levels, but the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.  Apparently, the recent floods had scoured the stream pretty thoroughly.  There wasn’t much algae, and there weren’t many invertebrates.  We did get a couple of cute little crayfish. 

Teamers at the stream.

Group photo: me, Brent, Shawn, Liz, Jeff, Celie, Bernadette
(Stream Team photos by Lowell)

Wednesday I won a random drawing at work for a homecoming hoodie.  I got it in Savannah’s size.  She loves it.  I went to Lori’s for dinner, but since I was a bit early, I prowled her flower garden with my camera.

This is the entrance to Lori’s house.  A large vine has grown over it during the summer.  Kinda looks like a hobbit home.

Best honey bee I’ve gotten in awhile.

I thought the fuzzies on these tobacco flowers looked neat when backlit.

Male mosquitoes drink nectar.  For this I am thankful.

This little fly appears to be a wasp mimic.

Book club was good.  We are now meeting in the Unitarian Church, which is a very nice facility.  We finished off the current book and decided to read Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth next.  I’ve already read it.  This was an Oprah book and they did podcasts that are downloadable from the web.  I’ve been listening to them in the car.  There are some great insights in it.

Friday I went out to Lowell’s.  It’s the fall turkey season, so I walked around the whole place.  I didn’t see any turkeys, but there were plenty of squirrels.  Stacey called me at one point.  I couldn’t get the phone off speaker mode.  While I was talking to her a deer walked up the gully in front of me.  Lowell and I fished two rounds of the lake.  I eventually found that the bass would bite a lipless crankbait, and I broke in the $1 rod I had picked up at a garage sale last week.  I had glued on a new tip top earlier in the week.  While I was trying to get my lure unstuck from a limb, Lowell was dangling his jig in the water and caught a big fish.  I thought it was a bass, but when it surfaced, revealed itself as a crappie.  At 14.5 inches, it was as big a crappie as I’ve ever caught, or even seen. 
The happy Birthday Boy.

The proof.

That was a good birthday present for Lowell, who turned 70 that day.  While we were fishing we saw a woodcock on the shore, and it walked back into the woods–very unusual.  We went to town for lunch and ate well.  We stopped at a garage sale on the way back.  I bought a picture frame and some neoprene.  We did another turn of the lake.  I tried out some new Berkeley Gulp bait, and caught a few bass on it, but not the crappie I was hoping to entice.  I ended up with 6 bass. 

Painted turtles were out soaking up the sun. 

Lowell’s cosmos are still blooming.

I walked around the woods one more time looking for turkeys.  There were mushrooms everywhere, but most were old and beginning to decay.  I was cutting through the woods on my way back and spotted a bright object in the leaf litter.  It was a coral fungus.  I’ve seen them in pictures, but never in real life.  That was nearly as good as a turkey.  There were two others nearby.

It really does look like a coral formation.  You just never know what you’re going to se out at Lowell’s.

This mushroom was exactly the size, shape and coloration of a pancake.

Lowell came to our house at 5 and we went to dinner in Quincy.  We both had a beer to celebrate his birthday, and we all shared desserts.  Yum! 

Ron composed one of his poems in celebration of Lowell’s 70th.




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Would you believe an eagle landed on my deck


I, of course, exclaimed, “What the heck!”


He asked if I knew today was a big deal


I told him like any other day it does feel


And then I realized it was a day to remember


For there is a guy in Mo I, of course, call


That again passed a major milestone for sure


And is now in a rarified atmosphere


Yes, he made the big 7-0


And like a 20 year old is still on the go


So, Happy Lowellday, you young guy


And celebrate with the limit being the sky


I only hope that you stay out of jail


Because I have no money for your bail


Other than that go raise some heck


And tell me how to get this eagle off my deck


Happy Lowellday,

Your buddy,

Ron (Feb 3, 2008)


Saturday morning Stacey had to go in to work for awhile, but Savannah and I went downtown to be in the homecoming parade.  Our friend, Keri Cottrell, is running for state office, and we marched along with her float.  Savannah threw candy while I handed out note pads.  It was kinda fun.  I made sure to give notepads to all my friends along the route, including Lowell, who took our pictures.

The Keri float.

Savannah and I work the route.

Afterwards we went to Keri’s mom’s house for lunch, and Stacey met us there upon her return from work.  I had a nice afternoon nap before working on some projects.  I drilled holes in a perfectly good boat.  It’s kind of scary, but the kayak really needed more tie down cleats.  I only had one, and tieing a stringer, anchor, and paddle leash to one doesn’t work too well.  After long consideration I chose the spots and installed one on each side aft of the seat but within easy reach of the cockpit.  Fortunately, I didn’t screw it up.

I was dinkin’ around in the back yard and decided to take some photos.

The Virginia ctenucha.

The locust borer, Megacyllene robiniae.

American Beatyberry

Sea oats.

Sunday morning I finished mounting all the prints I had made up.  I’ve at least made a dent in my large pile of frames.  I mounted an actual piece of papyrus with a painting of queen Nefertari.  Our friends brought it back from Egypt last year. 

In the afternoon Stacey had a meeting in Taylor so I had her shuttle me.  We left the Lil Egg at Soulard Access, which is near the mouth of the Fabius River.  Then she dropped me at the put-in at Route A.  This is the subject of a special entry.

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