October 29 – Hallowe’en time

Savannah got her school pictures this week.

With her hair like this she looks a bit like my sister Marlene.

Of course, she just had her hair redone, and it doesn’t look much like this anymore.  It’s darker.
Tuesday the Ecology class measured temperatures of dead grasshoppers in the sun.

Jeff bends to the task.

Thursday night Savannah and her friend dressed up for Halloween.  They both had store-bought costumes.

Firewoman Savannah.  The dread pirate Katrina.

Friday morning I went turkey hunting.  It was the last day of the season.  I walked around the Stookey’s place.  I jumped a couple of deer, but no turkeys.  Looks like I’m skunked again this year.  At least I saw these cool mushrooms.

Nice threesome.

Here are some fall colors on a maple, for my seasonally deprived friends.

In the afternoon I was working on my computer when Stacey called.  She asked me to brown some hamburger for that night’s dinner of spaghetti.  I told Savannah (who was out of school), “Mom said you are supposed to brown that hamburger in the fridge.”  She did it.  It wasn’t until much later that she realized she had been conned.  She thought it was so funny that she wasn’t even mad at me.  We went down to Hannibal for the awards presentation of the RSVP Photography Contest.  I won a few categories, but then, I probably submitted more images than anyone else.  Most of these will have appeared somewhere in this blog before.

A red-spotted purple from last summer.   Category: blooms and butterflies

An old barn on Sunflower Road.  Stacey called it “Silent Sentry,” while I call it “Hay and Decay.”  Category: farms & barns

Red Buddha.  This is the one we have at my meditation group.  Category: religion.  This was the only entrant in the category, but it is a bit ironic that an image of a Buddha should win, especially here in the Bible Belt.  All these are hanging in the art gallery of an Episcopalian Church.

You will notice that my images now bear a watermark (a copyright) in the upper lefthand corner.  I felt the need to take this measure after web statistics showed that the most frequent visitor to this blog arrives via Google image search.  In other words, people are ripping off my pics.  You will also notice, unfortunately, the smaller “uMark Lite” watermark in the lower lefthand corner resulting from the freeware application I use to stamp my images.  It cannot be helped at this time.  My blog gets 36.29 average entry views per day, but some days there are 120.  The hit rate has gone up rapidly over the past year. 

We only got a few trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.  There are no sidewalks in our neighborhood, which makes it somewhat child-unfriendly.  Savannah went to a haunted house in Hannibal and had the daylights scared out of her.

Experimenting with the big telephoto lens.  Goldfinches are showing up since I just filled our bird feeders for the first time of the season.

Saturday I had Savannah cut my hair, which had been really long.  She did a pretty good job, except for a couple of hacks out of the back.  My students seemed to like it anyway.

Sunday morning I went up to the Stookeys’ to cut a little firewood.  There was a lot more there than I thought.  I must be out of shape for this work (or I didn’t have enough for breakfast).  I ran out of steam before I was really done.  That’s OK.  It will still be there.  A mallard jumped off the pond when I got there. 

Monday I rescued a bug from Savannah’s bathroom.  It’s a member of the Reduviidae, an assassin bug.  I put it in a container until the evening, when I did some macro lens experiments.

The black background I have typically been using.

White background I tried this time.

You may vote for your preference by clicking on “Comment” below.  One of these will definitely make a future Ugly Bug Calendar, although those tiger stripes are rather attractive.

Tonight I was summoned upstairs by Savannah’s cries for help.  She had cut her ankle while shaving and was bleeding profusely.  It wasn’t a deep cut, it was just that in the bathtub, the blood could not clot.  I applied some pressure, stopped the bleeding, cleaned her up and put on a bandaid.  This is one of my Dad functions.

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