December 10 – Finals week

Monday I left Boots out all night.  It rained most of that time, and by morning he was meowing loudly to be let in.  I should have taken that as a clue.  When he came in, he dropped a dead deer mouse on the kitchen floor.  I’m sure he would have appreciated it more if I had eaten it for breakfast instead of flinging it into the back yard, which is what I did.

Tuesday the rain turned to ice and snow.  Savannah had an early out.  I got out of Quincy in time to get home and get some work done before it got really bad.  My camera club meeting was canceled.  I’ve been giving finals and grading pretty constantly.  But it’s strange when I get caught up and have to think hard to find something useful to do.  There are long-range projects to attend to; you just get used to putting out fires all the time, I guess.

Thursday I had an early final.  Some of the freshmen were there 15 minutes before it started.  One spilled a huge cup of hot chocolate right off the bat.  She ended up getting the high score though.  About halfway through I thought a fight was going to break out.  One student told another to shut the f*** up.  I got them calmed down, but I was really mad that he dropped the F bomb in my class.  I spent much of the day grading stuff.  All of my grades are in, but I will likely have one more incomplete to process.  I got home early enough to take the furnace ashes down to the brush dump and work on a couple of jobs around the house. 

Friday I did odd jobs around the house and completed the final packing for the Galapagos.  Stacey gave me an early Christmas present–an underwater camera.  Woo hoo!  I’ll get some good stuff in the Galapagos now.  In the afternoon we went to the QU Christmas Party.  It’s nice to see so many of our friends and colleagues when they’re not working.  We ran some errands around Quincy, came home and ran errands around Canton.  Savannah had a job interview at the Farm and Home store.  She thought it went pretty well.  It would be a great place for her.  Tomorrow morning I leave early for Ecuador.  There’ll be a big update when I get back, but not much until then.  Last year we had some access to the internet via a computer in the hotel.  We’ll see. 

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