March 9 & 10 – Lake Taneycomo

At Lake Taneycomo (Taney COunty, MO), the Great Blue Herons are abundant and not shy.  While floating downstream on a pontoon boat, it was easy to put down the fishing rod and pick up the camera.  I took something over 500 frames.  I show just a few highlights here.  Several other species make special guest appearances.

This one was not catching a fish (a behavior that eluded me), but cleaning its bill on the stick.

Both of these were well lit with dark backgrounds.  The gape is a bonus.

Wood ducks were flying up and down the lake, but usually didn’t let us get too close.

Poised for something.

Must have had an itch that needed scratching.

A pair of pileated woodpeckers seemed to have a system of holes in many of the sycamore trees.

I like the way the wind blows the breast plumes in different directions.

This red-shouldered hawk was cruising about, never very close.

Stretched out and hunkered down.

A kingfisher in flight. 

Left-legged heron.  I like the mossy green background on these.

This blue-winged teal drake was hanging out with wood ducks.  I think he’s having an identity crisis.

The sun really highlights the plumes on these.

Here’s a close-up.  Many of these images were nearly frame-filling.  They are big birds, I had a long lens, and we got fairly close.

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