November 20 – Gretchen takes over

Tuesday night we went to take our family Christmas portrait photos.  We went to Snapshot Photography in Quincy, the same place Savannah had her senior photos taken.  We took the dog, of course.  Afterward I went to my camera club meeting.   Some people had some great fall color photos.  I didn’t even bring any.

Thursday morning I took Gretchen to the vet for her first check up.  She was all good.  She had a little bump on her shoulder, but the vet said it was probably just a vaccination reaction.  They all loved her so much they gave her a free toy, some food, and a heartworm pill.  I reluctantly left her at home and drove in to work.  After my classes, I ate a disgusting dinner at Hardee’s and hung around my office until my talk, which was supposed to start at 6.  No one showed up, so I checked the press release, which said it was at 7.  That, and the fact that they had screwed up the press release even after I had rewritten it, had me pretty miffed.  So I had an extra hour to burn at the office.  The talk went pretty well in spite of that, and I had questions afterward that ran an extra half hour.  It’s the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species.  My talk was more or less commemorative, and I summarized the evolutionary process and tied in some studies from my own work.

Meanwhile, Savannah was at work and Stacey was home with the dog.  As time has gone on, Gretchen has become more and more comfortable in our home.  This means she runs around like a maniac, and has begun to chew on everything in sight.  She hasn’t destroyed anything yet, but she does drag things around.  She’s the holy terror.  Or the holy terrier.  By the time I got home she was tired out and slept in my lap.  The housetraining is going very well.  She always potties when we go outside, and she’s only had a few accidents in the house. Crate training has improved greatly since we put the crate in our room.  She can see me, and if she starts to whine I can calm her down with a few words.  I had a great session of fetch with her in the kitchen.  Sorry this is turning into a dog blog, but we’re all fairly obsessed with her right now.  Intrinsic cuteness goes a long way!

In the Senior Class voting, Savannah won “Best Hair.”  We’re so proud.  I think.  One of her friends one Best Car, another Biggest Geek, and yet another, Worst Car.

Friday I had no classes, and just one noon meeting.  In the morning I hung around the house.  I went in for the meeting, which didn’t amount to much.  At least I got a free lunch.  I picked up the proofs for our family photos and stopped by the Jade Orchid.  Wanaree asked if Savannah would like to be the greeter at an art show.  I think she’s going to do it. 

Saturday afternoon I went out to Lowell’s to hunt.  Lowell dropped me off at my stand with the Mule, and we saw a hawk fly across the meadow carrying a squirrel.  After I got up in the stand I saw the hawk about 20 feet away, behind a tree eating the squirrel.  I had my old Panasonic on hand, but intervening twigs made photography difficult.  It would have made a great shot if I had had clear shooting.

From NewBlogPics

 That  was my entertainment for the evening, as I did not see a deer.  I read some until shooting light was over.  Talked to Lowell a bit and went home.  That night Gretchen had the itchies.  We think she had an allergic reaction to something, maybe the shampoo or the heartworm pill, but she could not sit still.  It finally wore off, and she got a good night’s sleep.  She certainly has become the Holy Terrier.  Although as affectionate and lovable as ever, she wants to chew on everything and goes through some rather hyperactive periods.  Fortunately, we are equipped with a massive assemblage of dog toys.  I went out to the old kennel and found some things left over from the previous generation of dogs.  She likes them all.

Savannah went to Quincy with a friend  to get her tragus pierced.  On the way they saw a guy drive off the road (erratically) and on to the median.  She called 911, but the operator was pretty crabby with her.  On the way back, they saw the car on the opposite side of the road in a ditch full of water, and lots of signs had been taken out. 

Sunday we all went to Sam’s Club in Quincy.  I had some photos printed, and we stocked up on some groceries.  I had intended to mount my prints in the afternoon, but I didn’t get much of anything accomplished.  I did straighten out my hunting/fishing room. 

Monday was a fairly typical day at work.  We had a high of 60 degrees, which we aren’t likely to see until next April or so.  I took the Ecology class out  to do a tree lab.  That was easy and fast, so I was able to go home a little early.  Savannah had gotten there first, and cleaned up the dog pee and walked Gretchen already.  The dog has already fallen from Savannah’s favor.  I had a little work to do outside, so I walked her again.  She was, shall we say, productive. 

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