Christmas 2009

We hope everyone had as nice a Christmas as we did.  We opened our presents on Christmas morning, as usual.  Some highlights: Savannah got a car stereo, a hair straightener and a tie-dye kit.  Stacey got a double boiler, a pair of rubber boots and a necklace/earrings set.  I got a motorcycle helmet, a fishing rod carrier and three pairs of blue jeans.  Gretchen got a pile of new toys, including one from her “cousin” Molly in California.  On the other hand, Savannah got a gift from Gretchen, which ended up being an electric razor.  We had a nice dinner of prime rib roast, and Savannah’s beau Matt came over for that.  He brought me a small gift, which was very nice.  I was teasing him that it better be something from Scheel’s, which is an awesome sporting goods store at the mall where he works.  It was two spinnerbaits and a Scheel’s T shirt.  What a laugh. 

The birds are coming to our feeders now.  We haven’t had much sunlight, but that didn’t stop me from some taking some photos.

From NewBlogPics

Female downy woodpecker.

From NewBlogPics

Blue jay with sunflower seed.

From NewBlogPics

Female Northern Cardinal.

From NewBlogPics

Male Northern Cardinal with blowing snow.

From NewBlogPics

Stacey taking Gretchen for a walk in the back yard.

From NewBlogPics

Squirrel on my feeder.  Gretchen hates these almost as much as I do.  Don’t let their cuteness fool you.  They’re obnoxious suburban rats.

From NewBlogPics

American Goldfinch on our new finch feeder.

The day after Christmas we did lots of odd jobs around the house.  I was walking Gretchen out front when I flushed a sharp-shinned hawk out of our spruce tree.  It flew back into my neighbor’s yard.  After the walk, I retrieved the camera.

From NewBlogPics

It flew around to different perches, landing for awhile on the neighbor’s roof.

From NewBlogPics

It perched in this maple a lot.  I think it was trying to get some sparrows out of the bushes.

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