February 8 – Snowpocalypse

Saturday was Canton Eagle Day, and I went down to the lock house at the lock and dam to set up for my talks.  They had remodeled since the flood, and there was a calendar and frame screwed to the wall where we normally project the images.  I got by during the first talk with some textured paper that the lockman had taped together and hung on the wall.  Charlie showed up with an old silver screen that I used after that.  We didn’t have a huge turnout, but the Gonnerman’s showed up and kept me company during a long lull.  Savannah came near the end, and Stacey brought us lunch.  As we were wrapping things up, Brock (the game warden) got a call on an injured eagle.  He said I could come along to find it.  Rescue Rangers!  I changed clothes at home and he picked me up–he lives two houses away.  We went down to Taylor and looked hard at the field where it was supposed to be.  No bird.  The eagle rescue was a wild goose chase.  We talked about fishing and stuff. 

Sunday morning I couldn’t find my cell phone.  It wasn’t around the house or in Brock’s truck.  It’s still MIA.  We did the grocery shopping, got jobs done around the house and watched the Superbowl.  Being Hoosiers, at least in part, we rooted for the Colts.  I worked on the old canister filter and got it running properly.  I packed it with fresh charcoal, rinsed it and took it to work on Monday.  I used it to filter the water in my lab aquarium, which had killed 36 fish last week.  I got 24 more at noon, and they did much better.  At least they didn’t die immediately, and they were still alive when I left that afternoon.  Two succumbed to the lab exercise itself, as two groups of students dropped their flasks on the floor, breaking them.

It’s been a poor week for photography,and I don’t have any images to show this week.  It’s been mostly overcast and snowing.  One interesting thing is that Gretchen is turning into a sled dog.  I hook her lead onto a belt loop when I’m working outside.  I load the ice fishing sled with firewood and drag it around the house to the wood furnace.  She helps pull, adding about 2 pounds of added thrust.

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