February 17 – Ember returns

As reported in last week’s missive, our Tokay gecko had disappeared and we had given up on finding her.  Tuesday night Stacey found a bit of residue on the bedroom floor which I identified as fresh lizard poo.  We pulled out her dresser and there was Ember the gecko hiding behind it on the wall.  I got some leather gloves and quickly had her in hand.  She emitted a strange vocalization, as geckos will, and bit into a fold in the glove.  I wasn’t able to remove her from it, her grip was so tight, without excessive force, so I just put her and the glove in a plastic box until later.  I got out the whole terrarium and put it all back together, adding an extra lid to prevent another escape.  We got her back in the aquarium and she returned to her usual hide–a fake plastic rock.  Wednesday I got some crickets from the pet store.  She ate them with much vigor.  Ember is back!

While I was out of town last week I got a message that the optometrist’s office wanted to talk to me, but their message was fairly vague.  I called back on Wednesday, and they didn’t know what the message was about.  Later they called back when they figured it out.  They had made two pairs of my glasses by accident.  They didn’t have a use for the extra pair, so they would cut me a deal on it.  I bargained with them a little and got a spare pair of glasses for really cheap. 

Savannah was elected to the homecoming court.  I went to the basketball games Friday night to see the announcement of the queen.  It was between the girls and boys games.  Savannah won second runner up.  We are very proud of her.  I don’t know of anyone in either family that was so honore, except for my late mother who was both junior and senior queen for the Festa do Spiritu Santu in Oakdale.  Stacey made it just in time to see the presentation.  I saw both basketball games.  Our girls came back from a 15 point deficit to win by 11 or so.  Our boys lost by 1. 

From Winter 2010

Announcement of the homecoming court.  Joey Martz escorts Savannah.

From Winter 2010

Savannah and her boyfriend Matt, ready for the dance.

From Winter 2010

Savannah solo.

One day I stopped by the river to shoot eagles.  They’re not very cooperative these days because it’s too warm.

From Winter 2010

Male and female common mergansers.

From Winter 2010

One eagle gave me a look.

Another lost and found story:  I’ve been using a borrowed phone since Canton Eagle Day, when I lost mine.  I thought I might have left it in the lock house where I gave my talks.   Larry the Lockmaster performed an all-out search, but did not turn it up.  He wrote, “I know exactly where mine is.  It is in the river under Number 14 roller gate on the dam.  I am thinking the catfish and carp are making calls on it without my knowledge.  It flew out of my pocket on New Years day.”   Saturday I found mine out by the wood pile.  For those keeping score, this is exactly where Stacey said it would be.  It was under a piece of bark, and could only be seen from a certain angle.  Good thing I was taking Gretchen for a walk over there.  It was wet but still fully functional, and I went down to Capps to give them back their borrowed phone.

Sunday it snowed hard most of the day.  We woke Monday morning to about 10 inches on the ground.  I brushed off the cars, shoveled the walk, part of the driveway and the approach to the mailbox.  I took some snowscape photos in the back yard. 

From Winter 2010

Rabbit fence.

From Winter 2010

Chain link fence.

From Winter 2010

Sweetgum tree.  Click through for a bunch more snowscapes.

From Winter 2010

Curious cardinal.  Click through for a few more birds.

Stacey had called me about a wreck on the highway.  When it was my turn to make the commute, I was ready. 

From Winter 2010

Who in the heck hauls their boat early in the morning on the snowiest day of the year?

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