March 3 – Spring peaks out

Last Saturday was the Science fair at Culver-Stockton College, where I judged the zoology sections.  One of the horse studies was quite good.  This girl had lost two horses due to overheating last summer.  She tested different types of saddle blankets for their insulating ability.  Neoprene mesh was best at keeping horses cool.  I talked to a lot of people, some of whom I don’t get to see very often.  Also, there was free doughnuts in the morning and free lunch at the end!

Candidates for the VPAA position have been coming to visit.  I really like the last guy, not only because he speaks Portuguese (a big plus for me), but also he supports faculty research and seems to be well qualified all the way around.  We did get to chat a bit in Portuguese.  I’m sure my colleagues wondered what the heck we were saying.

From Winter 2010

I love this shot because the nictitating membrane of the eye is exactly half closed.

From Winter 2010

This could be the last eagle photo of the season.

From Winter 2010

Seagulls are on the prowl, waiting for dead fish to thaw out of the ice.

From Winter 2010

Click through for larger versions of this and some other shots of common mergansers.

Not long ago I gave permission for a lady to use my bat photos in her blog.  She has published that edition, which you can find on  I found it quite entertaining and informative. 

I submitted some images to the North Central Branch (ESA) photo salon.  All of them made the cut (were accepted), and one made honorable mention.  You may recognize some of these from entries over the past year.

From Winter 2010

Bee fly

From Winter 2010

Mr. Red eye

From Winter 2010

Tiny checkerspot

From Winter 2010

Flame Skimmer–Honorable mention

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