March 20 – Spring Break

My buddy Ron sent me a really nice collector knife with eagle images on it.  Included was this nice poem:

Eagle Guy

Look, look up in the sky
It’s a plane, no a bird, it’s Eagle Guy
Is he a hero of the super type
No, that’s just a bunch of hype
He takes pictures of the noble bird
It’s what I’ve seen, not just heard
He’s even won a prize or two

And his reputation just grew
At the Mississippi he spends many an hour
Taking pictures and observing their power
So here’s a gift for your gift to commemorate
If you’d like to reciprocate, a new bass boat would be great

We have enjoyed a series of warm, sunny days.  One day I even took Gretchen for a run.  The last time I remember willingly going running was in grad school.  On Thursday I went fishing at Lowell’s.  We did two rounds of the lake before lunch, and I caught 4 bass, 3 of which were good sized.  Lowell caught 1 bass and 2 crappie.The turtles were out in force, soaking up the late winter sun’s rays.  After lunch we did one more round of the lake, but didn’t get another bite.  That evening I took the storm spotters course from the National Weather Service.  It was right down the street at Culver-Stockton College.  I learned about the different types of storms and how to recognize incipient tornadoes.  A lot of people from the fire department were there, as well as a few other friends.  The room was packed and WAY too hot.  We were all sweating.  At the end, someone said, “I have a stupid question.”  The presenter said, of course, “There are no stupid questions.”  I disagreed.  Stupid questions are ones that keep us there longer!  I was glad to get out. 

With the changing season, waterfowl have been moving through the area on the journey north.  They have provided some photographic opportunities.  Click through to see a few more online.

From Winter 2010


From Winter 2010

Eagle nest in Canton.  That makes at least three in Lewis County.

From Winter 2010

Successful cat.  It was poised on the edge of the pond, pounced, and ran off with its prize.

From Winter 2010

Splashing goose.  A bunch of them were showing off.

From Winter 2010

Groundhog day is over.  She swam across the pond

I got the Honda Minitrail 70 inspected and insured one day, then on the way out to Lowell’s I got it titled and registered in Monticello.  Friday night I I took it out for a spin in the evening.  The turn signals worked, but not the new headlight.  I need to spend some time checking the wiring.  I got it up to 35 mph, though it used to go 42.  It never got fully warmed up.  Had to keep it partly choked until I got back to the house.  It sure was a lot of fun, and I think it will be good for running errands around town. 

From Winter 2010

Flying shoveler

From Winter 2010

Eastern phoebe

From Winter 2010

Count the turtles.  Carefully.

From Winter 2010

Lesser snow goose.  He’d be a legal shooter if he wasn’t in city limits.

From Winter 2010

Hooded mergansers. 

One night Stacey brought home most of a crate of over-ripe pears.  She didn’t really know what to do with them, but I did.  I mashed them up and started a batch of wine.  There was a great potential for fermentation failure.  If any of them had actually been rotten, bacteria would have overwhelmed it.  But on the second day I smelled the heady scent of yeast activity.  Savannah helped me transfer the liquor to a 5-gallon glass carbuoy,  She added some sugar, and it started bubbling away.  Pear wine will be a new one for me.  

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