March 29 – A sort-of new semester

This week began the second 8-week session.  Marine biology is over, and Plant Field Biology has begun.  It was nice not to spend 8 weeks looking at trees in winter.  The way they’re budding out, we may only get one week of that.  We’ll have wildflowers before too long.  Meanwhile, I’m still working on our migratory waterfowl.

From Winter 2010

This goose is nesting on a muskrat house.

From Winter 2010

A pair of buffleheads.

From Winter 2010

A scaup drake.

From Winter 2010

This may be the ugliest bug I’ve ever seen.  It’s some kind of beetle larva.  Savannah and I found it while cleaning up outside.

Friday I took Gretchen to the groomer in Hannibal.  Carol is the same lady we first used when we moved to Canton. I hadn’t seen her in a few years, so it was nice to reconnect.  I got a lesson in grooming schnauzers, but I’m not sure how much of it I’ll be able to remember.  I thought Gretchen turned out great, but Stacey and Savannah took some time to adjust to it.  I went to Stacey’s office afterward, still largely covered in dog hair.  The solution to my itchiness was at hand.  I went to the thrift store in Stacey’s building and bought a long sleeved T shirt–with the Quincy University logo on it.

From Winter 2010

She’s still the cutest dog in the world.  Click through for a few more dog portraits.

From Winter 2010

Juvenile red-tailed hawk in Canton.

Monday afternoon Savannah and I took a drive around town with my camera.  I was going to hold on to Gretchen and take pictures, but all the targets ended up being on Savannah’s side of the road.  So she took some shots that turned out pretty decent.

From Winter 2010

Woodchuck with a mouthful of grass.

From Winter 2010

She got tired of shooting this sparrow.  Turns out it’s a Savannah Sparrow, and a nice, crisp shot.

From Winter 2010

I’ve been trying to get a good shot of these hooded mergansers, and she got one that exceeds all of mine. 

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