April 5 – Honda Honda, Faster Faster

Stacey and I went down to St. Louis Friday morning.  We checked into the Hyatt downtown, and I walked from there to the Renaissance, where the Popular Culture Association meeting was held.  I gave my talk, which was reasonably well attended.  I was the only one to stand and extemporize with a Powerpoint, while the others just read their talks.  This was a strange meeting to be a scientist.  I actually had data and graphs, and was probably the only one to do so.  Afterward Stacey and I met Deirdre for drinks and appetizers.  We were so full after that we just got dessert at a different place, went back to the hotel and crashed.  We took our time getting up and ready Saturday morning, as I didn’t have any sessions I wanted to attend.  Stacey dropped me off at the meeting and went off shopping.  I went to Deirdre’s session, as well as Bob and Terry’s.  I learned some interesting things, but I’m not sure I’ll go to this conference again.  On the way out of town we stopped at Bass Pro, where I exchanged one reel for another.  On the way home we stopped in Hannibal, where I looked at a used motorcycle for sale.  It met all the criteria I had, and the price was right, so I bought it.  It’s a Honda Shadow Spirit 1100C.  It’s in excellent condition, a 2001, but with very low miles and lots of extras. 

From Spring 2010

From Spring 2010

Here are the specs for the model in that year.   Savannah drove me down to Hannibal Monday morning and I completed the transaction.  We went over to Stacey’s office to say Hi and show off the bike.  Stacey’s secretary Connie actually has a motorcycle endorsement on her license.   I began the drive home with Savannah following in the Tracker.  It was a bit nerve-wracking, as my last street bike was a 450, and that was 16 years ago.  The sky was dark, the air was cool, and it began to rain.  Perfect.  Fortunately, it didn’t get beyond much of a sprinkle.  The windshield and the full-face helmet were more than adequate.  Still, I found myself squeezing the bike with my legs as you would do riding a horse.  My hips were cramping by the time I got home.  After lunch Savannah went to work, while I got the motorcycle insured, inspected, titled and registered. 

I didn’t have time to figure out a good way to affix my rods to the bike, so I drove the Lil Egg out to Lowell’s.  We did a couple rounds of the lake.  He caught three and I only caught one, but at least it was on the new reel.  It worked pretty nicely.  More significantly, I saw a life bird while we were fishing.  Lowell said there had been a wood duck using the nest box.  As we approached, it looked like a bunch of leaves stuffed in the opening.  When we got closer, I could see that it was, in fact, an Eastern Screech Owl.  As I reached for my camera, it ducked into the box.  So, in lieu of owl pictures, I give you these cute painted turtles.

From Spring 2010

From Spring 2010

From Spring 2010

We opened our Easter Baskets on Sunday morning.  I gave Stacey a weather radio, and got it programmed that morning.  In the afternoon, we had a tornado watch, and it worked!   There were no tornadoes in the area, fortunately.

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