May 17 – End of the semester

Thursday afternoon I was in a meeting on the second floor when we heard a lot of strange noise from outside.  We looked out the window and saw two pit bulls attacking a lady’s small dog.  The woman had been knocked down.  Fortunately, two huge students, presumably football players, ran over and pulled the pit bulls off.  A fellow faculty called 911 and animal control came over and picked them up.  It was a scary moment.

Friday we had good weather and I rode the motorcycle to Quincy.  I stopped at the waterfall I had seen last week and photographed it from numerous angles.  It was a difficult subject as part was in shade and part in sun.  When I got to my office I went out and photographed some trees.  I was grading a student’s plant portfolio and I noticed pretty quickly that all of her images were slightly out of focus and loaded with heavy pixel noise.  I checked the camera she had used and it was set on ISO 1600.  No wonder all her pics were crappy.  It’s too bad, as many would have been otherwise very nice.

I took the plant field class to the natural area that Leo and I had discovered last week.  It was just loaded with wildflowers. 

Green Dragon: a wildflower I’ve been looking for about 6 years. Close-up of the flower.
Star of Bethlehem Picturesque stump.
Strange gall. Bumblebee in white beardtongue.


White-crowned sparrow–by Savannah.

Honda Shadow at waterfall. Just the waterfall.
Tulip poplar in bloom at QU North Campus. Colorful fly.

Click through for larger versions.

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