June 8 – Flowerfest

When we are able, we like to take Gretchen for walks.  She loves to run and explore.  Savannah let her explore the muddy shoreline of a pond, where she rolled around, resulting in the dirtiest dog I’ve ever seen.  Remember that she has white hair.

And some of the muck had come off by this time.

One of my camera club friends brought me a live dragonfly.  I wasn’t too excited until I got it out and found that it was a Cobra Clubtail, a species I’ve only seen twice before.  I chilled it in the refrigerator and took many photos in my insect studio.

Head on. Dorsal view.

Sunday morning I took a bike ride.  It was supposed to be a brief one, but my shortcut was flooded, the Wyaconda being far out of its banks.  I took the longer route and I’m glad I did.  Not only did I get a better workout, I saw lots of things I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Amish colt and mare. Purple milkweed.  I’ve only seen it in the field guide before.

I’ll be going back for some seeds of this milkweed.  It is gorgeous stuff.

Bobolink. Field of spiderwort.

I’ve only seen the Bobolink once before.  There were a couple at this spot.  I may go back with a longer lens.  I will definitely try to go back to the spiderwort field, as most of the blossoms weren’t open yet, and I’d like better lighting.

Spiderwort up close. Flooded field.

Monday I went to the La Grange garden club meeting where I gave a talk on dragonflies.  Incredibly, I wasn’t the only male there!  And the other guy was a beekeeper.  After the talk we toured the gardens of a couple of the ladies who live in La Grange.  Of course, they had great flowers.  Fortunately for me, it was a rare overcast but bright day, which makes for perfect flower photography.  Insects turn out well too.  I took far too many to post here, so click through if you’d like to see more.

Syrphid fly White-headed fly.  I think I heard it say, “Help me, help me.”

Common whitetail female Widow skimmer female

Sweat bee with droplet Unidentified insect. 
Really, I don’t know what this thing is.
Red admiral, ventral view Red admiral, dorsal view

Group of lilies. Yellow lily

King of the Dogloo Spring Azure
Hollyhocks Yellow flowers

Damselfly Gloria’s rooster crowing.  This bad boy had 4-inch spurs.

Pink rose Red rose

Big rose Hydrangea

Bumblebee in flight

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