June 21 – Hot, hot, hot

It’s been an interesting week.  Tuesday afternoon I went down to the MONEP meeting in St. Louis.  I checked the weather carefully before taking the motorcycle.  It was a nice ride down.  The meeting was a good one, as the presenter talked mostly about equipment he uses for wildlife photography.  It was twilight when I left, and traffic was light.  I hadn’t gotten far before I saw the large, dark cloud.  I hit rain, but only for about 10 minutes.  It was enough to soak my legs and shoes.  The old leather jacket held up pretty well.  It was nice on the way home on 61: cool, no wind, no traffic.  I was impressed with the coverage of my headlight on high beam.  It’s better than the average car!

Saturday I was going for a little ride, and had gone downtown to gas up the bike.  I saw Medic 1 go out, then the fire truck.  I thought I’d better follow along in case they needed me.  It ended up being an interesting rescue call out in the countryside.  I even helped a little.  I’m only a provisional member, but if there’s not enough of the crew in town, I can serve as a warm body.

I got out in the back yard one day to see what I could find.

Black-eyed Susan opening up. Sacrificing my blood for the action shot.
Strange spider. Colorful homopteran.
Grasshopper nymph.

One day I left Gretchen in the laundry room (her usual jail) while I was out doing something.  The bathroom door must have been open a hair.  She obviously pushed it open.  This is what an entire roll of toilet paper looks like shredded.


On the Sunday morning bike ride we saw a coyote.  It actually paralleled us for about a mile.  It was pretty far away, though, and I had no camera on me.  I got in one solid day of yard work, but otherwise it’s been too hot or rainy to do much.

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