June 28 – Fire & lightning

A week ago, after we had gone to Galesburg and back, we found we had dodged a tornado that went through the parts of Iowa where we had just been.  As we were breathing our collective sigh of relief, another cell brewed up and headed for our county.  We were paged out for stormspotting duty, but were too late to be posted to anywhere in particular.  Stacey ran the radio while I hung around the firehouse and took pictures of the spectacular lightning storm we were treated to.  Although tornadoes were spotted, the cell mostly skirted north of us, and we got just a bit of rain.  There was actually clear sky to the south.

I think this is the best one.  Click through for more. I haven’t tried lightning in a long time.  I learned a lot. 

One night we caught Savannah napping with Gretchen on the couch. 

The favorite sport of both.

One day about noon I was paged out to go to the firehouse.  We were then told that we had to do sandbagging.  Oh, joys.  The city was putting the gates in the levy, and they need about 6 pick-up loads of sandbags to seal them up.  That’s how I spent the rest of the day.  At least I had the experience of 2008 to help me.

I found this big scarab on the back porch. We found this beetle larva in the sand pile.

One day I went out to my friend John’s to photograph butterflies before we went fishing.  There weren’t many butterflies, but dragonflies were in abundance. 

Halloween pennant Widow skimmer, male
Slaty skimmer–first I’ve seen it in Lewis County. Blue dasher

We only fished for about a half hour before we were rained out.  Another storm came through, and the lightning set ablaze the house of someone we know.  Being new, I wasn’t allowed to help much, so I took pictures.  The mammatus clouds afterward were kind of interesting.

They look bad, but they actually indicate that the worst has passed.

One day I was riding around downtown and noticed some old cars parked across from the BBQ restaurant.

All three lined up. Sepia tone makes it look period appropriate.

They were all Fords from the 1930s, I believe.  Click through to more images of the other cars.  They were very clean and perfectly restored.

I finally took the kayak out for its maiden voyage of the year.  Since all the streams are too high, I went to Wakonda State Park.  I didn’t catch anything until I was trolling across the lake and picked up a little crappie on a Rat-L-Trap.  I only stayed out a couple of hours.  It was fun to just get out and paddle.  I went out in the back yard and got some bug pics.

Bumblebee in flight–yet another. Great Spangled Fritillary

I’ve been wanting to get a good shot of this butterfly.  Sadly, this specimen was faded and torn up, but you can’t tell in the reverse silhouette here.

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