August 24 — Summer’s End

One day I went down to the brush dump to get rid of the last few branches from the big thunderstorm.  I took the camera and found a few targets.

The Question Mark butterfly An unusual tiger beetle
Flying grasshopper

I noticed this band-winged grasshopper hovering about two feet off the ground.  I’ve seen this behavior before.    It landed near two others.  I think it was a male competing with another male for a female, and this flight is a display.

On the way out I noticed some Asian carp in the flooded field across the street.  That immediately gave me the idea to go bowfishing.  I returned with my old recurve that I’ve had since I was about 16, outfitted with a reel that’s relatively new.  I spotted one carp really close to the shoreline, and drilled it.  I got good penetration and pulled it up on shore.  Maybe I should have stopped there because I missed about 4 times after that.  The outfit doesn’t have a lot of power.  Anyway, I came back the next day and shot another one, as well as a couple of common carp.  Bowfishing is oodles of fun, but I seldom get to do it.  I think it’s been about 5 years since I tried it last.  It’s even better when striking a blow against invasive exotic species.

Asian carp, gasping at the surface. Asian carp, post-skewering.

Ron came to visit from Wisconsin.  We spent the afternoon out at Lowell’s fishing like we used to do when he lived here.  It was like old times.

Ron with a foot-longer Ron, Lowell , Joe–a three amigos reunion

Ron scored first with a bass, although Lowell caught the biggest bass, a 15-incher.  I caught three of typical size.

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