October 3 – tree sitting

I got out deer hunting again on an early morning out at Lowell’s.  I did see six deer, which is encouraging, but they were all too far away.  One neat thing that happened was that a flock of thrushes moved past my stand.  I seldom see a thrush, much less four or five together.  After I got down from the tree I walked around for awhile.

Puffballs on a log. Orb weaver

The fall season is showing its colors, with mushrooms and spiders in abundance.

Ladies tresses Ladies tresses

I haven’t seen this flower in a couple of years, and last time I didn’t get very good images of it.  I took my time and waited for some good light.  Ladies tresses is one of our few orchids.  It grows like a surprise lily, producing a vegetative plant during the summer that dies back.  In fall, the spiral stalk emerges alone, producing the inflorescence.

When I got home that afternoon I checked the back yard and spotted this variegated frittilary.  I haven’t seen one of these in about three years, and never at home.

Variegated frittilary


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