February 16 – Winter birds

I accumulated some photos in recent weeks.  I thought I should publish a blog before they get too stale.

From Winter 2011

Not a bad shot.

From Winter 2011

Common Goldeneye with fish.  They have to shake the heck out of the fish to break it up into edible pieces.    Meanwhile, other ducks try to steal them.

From Winter 2011

Reaching for food.

From Winter 2011

I like the background on this one.  I’m not likely to get any more this year, as the weather has warmed up and the eagles are all spread out.  We had a good turnout for eagle day.  The eagles were around, but not very active.

From Winter 2011

Crowded skies.

From Winter 2011

Male common merganser, a handsome gent.  These are also tremendous fishers.  And fish thieves.

From Winter 2011

The female.  Flocks of this species hang around all winter as long as we have open water.

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