March 26, 2011 — More backyard birds

Since we put up a bird display in the hallway outside my office, I’ve been trying to get some really good shots to go in the digital frame we have at the center of it.  After going through my collection, I found that there were some very common species that I did not have a really good image of.  I’ve been keeping my feeder full and blasting away in burst mode.

From Winter 2011

Some, like this one, I’ve already labeled for use in the digital frame.  This one would be better without the shadow.

From Winter 2011

This one looks fairly natural, but there’s a suet feeder inches away.

From Winter 2011

This mourning dove is right below the finch feeder.

From Winter 2011

These move so fast that it’s hard to get a shot without motion blur.  The catchlight in the eye really makes this one.

From Winter 2011

These obnoxious grackles will rob out most of my feeder contents, but they are beautiful birds.

From Winter 2011

I finally got a nice sequence of Tufted Titmouse, away from the feeder, even.  They also move very quickly, and usually don’t light anywhere nearby.  Click through to see more of this species, and a few more in the online album.

From Winter 2011

The red-breasted nuthatch is rare enough, and they don’t like to hang around the feeder long.  I’m sure this is the best shot I’ve ever gotten of one.  I’ll have to settle for it being on the feeder.

From Winter 2011

This killdeer was downtown by “The Slough.”

From Winter 2011

This is the “supermoon” we had last week.  It was overcast on the night it was full, but I caught it here on an earlier, clear night when it was 85% waxing gibbous. 

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