April 22, 2011 — Love in the air

It’s mating season for many birds, and their courtship rituals are happening all around us.  Some of these birds aren’t too shy, and carry on right in the back yard. 

From Spring 2011

Northern Cardinals strengthening their bond.

From Spring 2011

Common grackle displaying.

From Spring 2011

Same grackle, relaxed.

From Spring 2011

Another grackle displaying.  Looks particularly evil.

From Spring 2011

The female of the brown-headed cowbird.  There is no more generically little brown bird.

From Spring 2011

And now for something completely different.  I shot this flower because it’s new to me.  We found it out at Lowell’s.  Its common name is Jacob’s Ladder.

From Spring 2011

It has nice, bell-shaped flowers.

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