May 1, 2011 – First Hummingbird

I had heard that hummingbirds were in the neighborhood.  When I saw one buzzing our back yard, near the area where we normally hang our feeder, it was definitely time to fill that feeder and put it out.  It wasn’t long before she was taking sugar water.  It sure makes me wonder if she’s the same female who had her territory here last year.  She likes to perch on the sticks I have put up behind our regular seed feeder.

From Spring 2011

Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird.  She’s practically posing for the camera.

From Spring 2011

She shakes the rainwater off of her feathers here.  It was dark under the overcast skies, but ISO 800 seemed to do an adequate job of compensating

From Spring 2011

Eying the sky.  Will it rain some more?  I’m hoping a male will show up soon.  I have in mind some set-ups for capturing the hummingbird-in-flight photo.

From Spring 2011

Black-capped chickadees keep coming to the feeder.  They’re not shy.

From Spring 2011

This male Northern Cardinal doesn’t seem to happy about the rain either.

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