May 24, 2011 – Fishing again, finally

We had a break in the weather Tuesday.  After a morning Tree Board meeting, I ran out to Lowell’s for some fishing and habitat enhancement.  First things first: we went out to lunch.  We stopped on the way back by the lake.  I took the chainsaw out of the trunk and dropped a big willow branch into the water for fish habitat.  I left the base hinged so that it will stay in place.  We fished one go-round of the lake, and I caught about 10 bass, mostly of the foot-long variety that we cull to manage the population.  We went up and got the Mule and drove around the other side of the lake to put up a bird house.  After a quick change in chosen tree, it went up fairly easily.  It sits on an arm hanging over the lake.  Tree swallows really like these.  We went back and picked up a wood duck box that Lowell has modified.  He put a video camera in a box on top.  We loaded the thing into the pontoon boat and took it to the big dead tree where it used to hang.  This box has held flying squirrels, eastern screech owls, a raccoon (as we learned when we took it down), and possibly even wood ducks.  With the camera, and attached wires, we’ll be able to see what’s inside from shore.  Lowell is a very crafty guy.  We fished another round of the lake, where I picked up another few fish for a total of about 14.  No giants among them but a few respectable enough to throw back.  I heard the first periodical cicada calling.  Soon we’ll be inundated with them.  We finished right as the weather turned bad, so I was filleting our catch while it rained.

From Spring 2011

I spotted this little wildflower by the lake after we hung the bird box.  It’s not in my field guide, and awaits identification (any help, Leo?)

From Spring 2011

This painted turtle was not very bothered by our presence.  I like the refraction effect of the water.

From Spring 2011

Spiderwort is spreading around Lowell’s.  It’s a lovely native wildflower.

From Spring 2011

I was driving down by the Mississippi River in Canton looking for targets of opportunity.  I’ve been wanting to shoot a robin with a worm, but I didn’t expect to get it on the railroad track.

From Spring 2011

This great blue heron was in the holding pond around the big fuel tanks.

From Spring 2011

A female indigo bunting has become a frequent visitor to our bird feeder.  She even showed up on a sunny day!

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