June 7, 2011 – Cicada season

Monday I gave a talk on periodical cicadas to the La Grange Garden Club, of which I am the token male member.  Coincidentally, the thickest emergence of cicadas I’ve seen in a long time was going on right in the area.  The pool house acted like an amplifier, and I could hardly hear myself think, much less speak.  Nonetheless, it was a fun little talk to give.  The yard was beautifully landscaped, and literally dripping with cicadas.  So naturally I took advantage of the opportunity to photograph them, especially during different behaviors.

From Spring 2011


From Spring 2011


From Spring 2011

Ovipositing (laying eggs)–you can see her sword-like ovipositor jammed into the stem.

From Spring 2011

Red milkweed beetle

From Spring 2011

Ovipositing–as seen from the other side.

From Spring 2011

I saw my first Cobra Clubtail in this same spot two years ago.  I couldn’t believe my luck when this one let me get this close with the macro lens.

From Spring 2011

And even closer.  I am really starting to like this lens.

I forgot to run this pic in the last blog, so here’s a shot of the Big Guy on our drive through Iowa.

From Spring 2011

He loves to go for a ride.  He doesn’t look shaggy like this anymore, as we just had him groomed.  He’s half the dog he used to be.

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