June 22, 2011 — Adventures

I finally got back out to Lowell’s last week.  It’s been raining so much, it’s hard to plan for fishing or anything outdoors. The cicadas were still out in force.  It was a decent day to fish, but I caught most of mine on a topwater cicada mimic.  It actually looks a lot like an oversized periodical cicada, but has the action of a jitterbug.  It was a great day for butterflies and dragonflies.  Wish I had gotten more of them.

From Spring 2011

Jade Clubtail–seems to be looking at the camera.

From Spring 2011

Tiger Swallowtail, sunning in the morning.

From Spring 2011

Female Common Whitetail.  Looks like she has 8 wings, but 4 of them are just shadows.

From Spring 2011

The white fuzz in the center is a nestling Eastern Kingbird.

I’ve been building up my marine aquarium at home.  I’ve had terrible luck with fish, but the invertebrates have been thriving.  So I bought more.

From Spring 2011

For those paying attention, you’ll notice three phyla in this one photo, Cnidaria (sea anemone, left), Echinodermata (brittle star, center) and Arthropoda (hermit crab, right).  I love that the brittle star has taken the little cave in the limestone in the middle of the aquarium.  It lives in there like a beast in a lair.  When I give it a piece of shrimp, it curls and arm around it and hauls it in like a monster.  Today I got a sea urchin, emerald crab, and banded coral shrimp.

I took Stacey out on her first kayaking adventure last Friday.  We took them out on Wakonda Lake.  It was a cool, overcast morning with no wind–perfect.

From Spring 2011

This Great Blue Heron was undisturbed by our presence.

From Spring 2011

She did great in the little blue kayak.  The only thing she doesn’t like is getting water on her legs. 

I was invited by John B. to fish his neighbor’s 25-acre lake.  This lake is known for it’s 5+ lb largemouth bass.  I’ve caught one there before.  Things went kind of slow at first this time, but they picked up when I switched to, you guessed it, the cicada lure. 

From Spring 2011

Most of my fish were pretty small.  This one was a level 5 pounds, but you can see how thin he is.  If he’d had anything in his belly, he’d have gone 6 easy. 

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