June 30, 2011 – St. Louis

Stacey had a meeting in St. Louis last week.  I tagged along for fun.  We decided to take the motorcycle since the dogs were staying home with Savannah.  It was a nice trip down in the morning, not too hot.  During her meeting in the afternoon, I went to the Missouri Botanical Garden.  I had nver been there in summer, and was looking forward to seeing a lot more species in bloom.  It was pretty hot, but I saw a lot of neat stuff.  Most people don’t know what a world-class facility it is.  It ranks with some of the European botanical gardens.  I’m not going to post all the the pics here–that would be nuts.  I just learned how to embed a slide show into the blog, so now you can see some pretty flowers and various other things without necessarily having to click through. 

The next morning I motored over to August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area.  I had never been there before.  There are something like 35 lakes.  I spent the first couple of hours around the visitor’s center shooting butterflies and dragonflies in a little patch of prairie.  I rode around parts of the place.  There are huge old bunkers where they used to store munitions when the area belonged to the army.  I stopped at a lake and shot some more insects, fish and turtles.  Here’s another slide show.  I hope these work. 

The ride back from St. Louis was most unpleasant.  We got stuck in a traffic jam on I70.  For 20 or 30 minutes it was start-stop or go as slow as possible in first gear.  And it was stinkin’ hot.  We were both kind of sore and were glad to get home.  That night we and some other fire department personnel posted ourselves at the Lewis County Nursing Home to supervise the fireworks.  I brought my camera and got some good shots of the proceedings.  Let’s try another slide show.

In case these slide shows don’t work, here are the links:

MoBot Garden:

2011_06_29 Bot Garden

Busch CA:

August Busch Conservation Area


2011_06_30 LCNH Fireworks

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