July 16 – Waiting for the heat wave

As of this writing we are awaiting a forecast six straight days of 99-degree highs.  But lately we’ve had a few days of relatively cool weather, during which I’ve been able to cut and split some wood.  I’ve been taking photos around the yard when opportunities present themselves, all with the macro lens.

From Summer 2011

I hadn’t seen a Russet-tipped Clubtail in a long time.  This one was in my prairie. 

For my birthday, Savannah and I kayaked the Wyaconda River.  It was hot and buggy, though the scenery was good.  We saw a lot of wildlife.  It started off roughly, as the put-in was blocked by trees that had been downed by the recent wind storm.  We had to bust through some poison ivy to get our kayaks in the water.  I got a tick and several chigger bites from that experience, but the ectoparasites weren’t done with me.  It’s probably been 15 years since I had…

From Summer 2011

…a leech.  It was a very small one.  I used the awesome power of osmosis to kill and remove it.

From Summer 2011

A pinch of salt goes a long way.

From Summer 2011

I saw another clearwinged sphinx moth, this time in the back yard.  This one isn’t as colorful, but I caught it in midflight with its tongue out.

From Summer 2011

This colorful bug nymph was in our garden.  Wish I’d gotten just a bit more depth of field out of this.

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