August 14, 2011 – two trips to Lowell’s

I went out to Lowell’s on Wednesday and again on Sunday.  Wednesday the fishing was good.  I caught several bass and a large catfish, as usual, on a spinnerbait.  The channel catfish had a big overbite.  I was watching a green heron at the edge of the lake, holding the camera on it and waiting for it to come out from behind some weeds.  Suddenly, it turned and grabbed a frog out of the water, then ran back in the opposite direction.  I hit the shutter button and caught a burst of frames.  One of them turned out to be in focus.  Look for it in the slide show below.  Turtles, dragonflies, and muskrats rounded out that adventure.  Oh, and a fawn. We also spent some time with the chainsaw cutting down an old dead tree and clearing a trail.

Sunday the fishing was again pretty good, at least for me.  I caught seven largemouth bass in two rounds of the lake.  We took an early lunch, came back and worked on an old boat trailer that Lowell had out back.  We took the old deck and other extraneous parts off of it.  I was amazed that the tires were still good, quite good, in fact.  It will be part of a future project that is under development.  Afterward I stopped at Bob and Jaime’s to drop something off and photographed a cicada killer and some butterflies in their yard.
Slide show:

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Aug 14, 2011 Lowell’s

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