September 15, 2011 – Fall insects

Tomorrow is the statistical peak of the monarch season, but we have tagged very few.  It’s shaping up the be a bad year, maybe the worst.  Last year we used all 100 tags in our possession.  This year I bought 200, but we’ll be lucky to use 25.  I have 4 caterpillars in my office.  I gave a little monarch presentation at a grade school.  They had just hatched out two butterflies that I was able to tag. 

It has turned much cooler here, and I am grateful.  Fortunately, there are a few insects remaining about.  The last image in the slide show below is a female Carolina mantis eating another female.  I found them outside my front door on a milkweed plant.  It was dusk and I had little time.  The on-camera flash did the trick.
Direct link:

2011_09_05 E Pondhawks

Slide show:

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