September 23 – The End of Summer

The end of summer is
typically the last opportunity to see butterflies.  A few may reappear
on warm fall days, but many species are still flying and abundant now.  I
found a nice monarch in the back yard on Monday, which was also the day
we tagged the most monarchs, just three days after the usual peak of
the migration.  There’s also a warbler in the slide show.  I seldom see
warblers during their fall migration, but I had little else to do on
Thursday afternoon while we were waiting for monarchs to show.  Of
course, the slide show begins with our dear Gretchen, having destroyed
yet another roll of toilet paper.  Later in the week she chewed up
Stacey’s toothbrush.  These intrusions are partially due to the
temporary displacement of our main bathroom as we have the vanity

I noticed one day that the sea star and urchin were next to each other
on the front glass of the aquarium in my office.  I took a couple of
quick shots with the old Panasonic.  You can see the tube feet on the
urchin.  Recently, it was shown that genes for visual receptor pigments
are expressed in the tube feet, so they can probably see a lot more than
we thought. 

At the end is an image of a “cornado,” a dust devil in a corn field that
I photographed just outside of Canton.  The TV news (WGEM) is always
asking for weather photos, so I uploaded it, hoping that the weather man
would say “cornado” on the air because I coined the term.  Not only did
they post my pic on their Facebook page, they showed it during the
intro and the weather segment.  The weather man, Brian Inman, said it
more than once.  He even mentioned that the phenomenon was not uncommon,
but he just like saying “cornado.”  Stacey and I were dying of

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