October 22, 2011 — Night Life

One morning I was at home getting ready to go when I noticed a couple of birds wander out of my prairie.  To my astonishment, they were Northern Bobwhites, or what most folks would call quail.  Of course, I ran for the camera because I have no bobwhite photos that look better than a passing blur.  It was a cloudy day, which required high ISO.  Most of the pics were fairly grainy and vague, but I got a few viable ones, at least enough to notch another species for my bird photo gallery.

Stacey and I met some other members of the Canton Camera Club for dinner at a restaurant on the Mississippi River in Quincy one night.  They are still a fun group.  Afterward, we went around town doing night photography.  We started at the river, shooting the bridges and other brightly lit things.  That took a lot longer than we thought.  We hit some other spots, like the neon Pepsi sign at the distributor’s building, and a strange purple cone at the Kroc Center. 

It has been quite cold most of the week, but today it warmed up toward mid-day and some butterflies were out.  The usual nymphalids were present, along with the expected skippers, but a monarch on October 22 is a surprise.  It’s running very late, and should be in Mexico by now.  With a damaged wing, lack of nectar sources, and poor weather, it will find the trip difficult.

I lumped all the images into one album.  If the slide show does not appear, click on the direct link.

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2011_10_11 Bobwhite

Slide show:

October 5, 2011 — Fall follies

There are still some butterflies and other interesting things hanging around.  My neighbor has turned his attention to his yard this year, which has worked out well for me.  He has outstanding flower beds at a time when almost nothing else is in bloom.  I shot a monarch and a buckeye on his place. That group starts with an image of a crescent moon, which looked kind of cool one night.  Others were mostly in my yard.  I’m just putting links on this week, not slide shows.  You’ll have to click on them to see the each photo album.

2011_09_25 Tagged Monarch

After a class exercise in building rabbitats (brush piles to provide shelter for rabbits), we had an Environmental Club outing and pulled out our canoes.  Fun ensued, including a race in which most of the canoes were stuck together.

Canoe Day 9/27/2011

We’ve been taking our dogs down the the ball diamonds for exercise.  The large, fenced area gives them plenty of room to run.  We do carry bags and pick up the poo.  I decided to try to photograph their frolicking.  I used the same settings as one would for birds in flight, but still got some motion blur, even in full sun.  They’re fast!  I caught them in funny poses.  Though some of the images look violent, fear not.  These two are best friends and they do this every day without harming each other.

October Dogs

Stacey and I went to watch some fireworks in our official capacity as firefighters.  The show was pretty fast and furious.  I didn’t have time to mess with the camera much, but I got some decent stuff.

2011_10_01 Fireworks