October 22, 2011 — Night Life

One morning I was at home getting ready to go when I noticed a couple of birds wander out of my prairie.  To my astonishment, they were Northern Bobwhites, or what most folks would call quail.  Of course, I ran for the camera because I have no bobwhite photos that look better than a passing blur.  It was a cloudy day, which required high ISO.  Most of the pics were fairly grainy and vague, but I got a few viable ones, at least enough to notch another species for my bird photo gallery.

Stacey and I met some other members of the Canton Camera Club for dinner at a restaurant on the Mississippi River in Quincy one night.  They are still a fun group.  Afterward, we went around town doing night photography.  We started at the river, shooting the bridges and other brightly lit things.  That took a lot longer than we thought.  We hit some other spots, like the neon Pepsi sign at the distributor’s building, and a strange purple cone at the Kroc Center. 

It has been quite cold most of the week, but today it warmed up toward mid-day and some butterflies were out.  The usual nymphalids were present, along with the expected skippers, but a monarch on October 22 is a surprise.  It’s running very late, and should be in Mexico by now.  With a damaged wing, lack of nectar sources, and poor weather, it will find the trip difficult.

I lumped all the images into one album.  If the slide show does not appear, click on the direct link.

Direct link:

2011_10_11 Bobwhite

Slide show:

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