December 15, 2011 – End of semester

There’s been a delay in this blog that reflects the lack of opportunity for photography of late.  The insects are all gone, and the birds are just coming along.  One morning I went into the back yard to photograph the last wildflower of the year (a common violet) when I noticed some interesting patterns in the frost and leaves.  The dogs are always around, and I took the opportunity to get some images of them.  I created a calendar of Big Guy images for the “Giant Schnauzer Calendar”, and I’ve already sold two!  I also got him in a silly Christmas reindeer hat. 
I heard about some peregrine falcons hanging around the Bayview Bridge in Quincy.  I stopped several times and finally spotted one sitting on a squirrel cage ladder on one of the bridge stanchions.  It was a distant shot, and far from ideal but better than nothing.  I was more excited to see this life bird finally.  Later I saw a red fox on top of one of the stanchions.  Freaky!  After checking for this falcon one day I drove through Quinsippi Island, which gave me the chance to shoot a red-tailed hawk, a bald eagle, and a deer.  Pretty good for one morning.
I had planned to take the family up to Wisconsin after Christmas to visit our friend Ron Cronacher.  Sadly, he passed away before we could make the trip.  He was a good fishing buddy and all-around friend.  It would have been his birthday last Sunday.  We’ll miss him. 
I’ve been wanting to contribute to conservation photography in any way I can.  Awhile back I had one of my images picked up by ARKive, which catalogs endangered species.  Recently, I uploaded some photos of a softshell turtle to  That record was just picked up by the Missouri Herpetological Atlas.  So I posted a couple more of the small-mouthed salamander that I shot out at Lowell’s a few years ago because it was rare in the area.  That was picked up by the same atlas and the Global Amphibian Bioblitz.  I’ve been uploading all my backlog of amphibian and reptile photos, as they seem to have the most impact.  The insects and flowers would be overwhelming, and more difficult to identify.  Fortunately, I seem to have a good memory for every place I’ve shot the herps, as all photos must be georeferenced.
We have been enjoying all the Xmas parties lately.  Fire department was Monday.  Again, I made the video.  Our friend Delbert deservedly won Firefighter of the Year.  QU had their faculty/staff party tonight, and camera club is Saturday.  ‘Tis the season!

Almost forgot!  Here are the photos:

Direct link.

Slide show.


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